Elderly hand shakes alert and unhealthy

Elderly hand shakes alert and unhealthy

The situation of the elderly shaking hands is very common. Most elderly people often have poor health and sometimes become chronic diseases. Therefore, they should pay attention to the situation of hand shake. This may be a sign of unhealthy health.

Therefore, when the old man has hand shake, it is best to check the body to ensure the health of the body. Let’s take a look below, what is the reason for the old man’s hand shake?

  1, physiological tremor sometimes shaking hands does not mean that the disease is a sign, in many cases even young people will also have hand shake, this situation is generally more common in the limbs, head and tongue.

  This kind of phenomenon usually occurs after nervousness, panic, emotional agitation, fatigue, etc. This is a physiological tremor. As long as you take more rest, you can recover immediately without treatment.

  2, idiopathic tremor idiopathic tremor, is often said familial tremor, this situation usually occurs before the patient is 25 years old, with the increase of age, the tremor will become more serious.

This type of patient has more tremors in his hands, and when his head is in the right position, especially the shaking of his hands is common.

  3, senile tremor in the early stage of tremor is mostly the movement of hand shake phenomenon, the development of the situation, can also appear at rest in the future, most of them are generally more hands, head, lips.

For this part of the patient, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible, and treat it at an early stage.

  4, tremor palsy Parkinson’s disease complications The most important symptom is the slender hand.

Parkinson’s disease is caused by cerebral extrapyramidal complication. The tremor is characterized by resting tremor and is also very rhythmic. Finger tremor is “shot-like”, accompanied by increased muscle tone and decreased movement, facialLack of expression and other situations.

  Patients will have a “panic” gait when walking, so this situation can be distinguished from other areas where tremors are obvious.

  What is the cause of the elderly shaking hands?

We have already introduced above, I hope to help everyone better treatment, effective prevention, for the health of the elderly, old friends must be aware of their own hand shake.