[Effects and effects of Gastrodia elata]_Gastrodia elata_Benefits

[Effects and effects of Gastrodia elata]_Gastrodia elata_Benefits

Gastrodia is a Chinese medicinal material that can be used as medicine or as food. Gastrodia is used as a stem to prevent diseases and has a conditioning effect on the body.

Gastrodia has many effects, especially the analgesic effect, and the action range is wide. There are also many clinical applications of Gastrodia.


Gastrodia efficacy: Gastrodia may be gastrodin, vanillin, protein, amino acids, trace elements.

Its properties are Xin, Wen, non-toxic, and have anti-convulsant, anti-rheumatic; sedative, analgesic, analgesic, tonic, calm liver and wind.

Indications: Pingganxifeng relieve cough.

Suitable for headache, dizziness, numbness, convulsions, and tetanus.

Dizziness, neurasthenia, wind cold and dampness, and convulsions in children.

Clinical application proves that it has significant effects on vascular neuropathic headache and sequelae of concussion.


Pingganxifeng: Gastrodia moisturizing fluid, can nourish the blood and breathe wind, can treat headaches, vertigo, and vertigo in children with blood deficiency and liver wind. Gastrodia can even cure dizziness and headache, but alsoHas the effect of lowering blood pressure, long-term consumption can also calm the liver and Qi, waist and knees, strong bones.


Qufeng analgesic: used for dizziness caused by wind phlegm, migraine headache, numbness of limbs, hemiplegia, and suitable for dizziness caused by internal wind; 4.

Antihypertensive analgesia: Gastrodia has sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant effects, can increase cerebral blood flow, has a certain degree of expansion of coronary and venous blood vessels, reduces cerebral vasoconstriction, slightly constricts cerebral blood vessels, and increases coronary blood vesselsFlow; can reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, and protect myocardial blood vessels.