Pioneer Winter Dry Lips Super Practical 5 Ways

Pioneer Winter Dry Lips Super Practical 5 Ways

Of course, the most annoying thing in winter is dryness, especially when the lips that are supposed to be moisturized are dry, moulting, and bleeding . Problems that disturb the mood come one after another. Don’t care about thinking that lip balm is all right.Specific analysis, dry lips can never be ruled out!

  How is the skin on the lips different from the skin on our face?

  Because the epidermal structure of the lips is thin and the water evaporates quickly, if the moisture protection is not done well, it may even look dull and dull, and even dry peeling may occur.

  How do we usually care for our lips?

  1 Lip dryness and desquamation: If the lips begin to appear dry, it is recommended to make them thicker. It is recommended that moisturizing products such as lip balm can be used to enhance the moisturization, to avoid dry lips, peeling, and even the symptoms of festering and inflammation.

  2 Lips are dull: Lips are mucosal tissues that supplement blood vessels, so the color of lips and blood redness are closely related. If you find that your lip color is getting darker and darker, it is recommended to exercise in addition to vitamin supplementsPromotes blood circulation and restores the complexion of lips.

  3 Lip lines are deep: In addition to moisture, the collagen of the lips will also age and increase the passage, which will cause the lips to deepen. It is recommended to maintain the lip moisturizing basic maintenance, and you can also add collagen in time to keep the lips fullFull state.

  4Choose a suitable moisturizing lip care product: You can choose to contain oily moisturizing ingredients, which usually have very high moisturizing properties, effectively help the lips to lock in moisture, and at the same time have the function of repairing sebum film, and can be divided into plant based on the source.For example: lotus leaf oil, Hawaiian stone fruit oil, and non-vegetables such as vaseline.

  In addition, you can choose to have hydrophilic moisturizing ingredients to help prevent lip moisture, such as: hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. Such natural moisturizing factors have powerful water-holding power.

However, we must remind everyone that the real and complete moisturizing work must be combined with the two ingredients of moisturizing agent and water retaining agent, and at the same time achieve the effect of retaining moisture and retaining water, so that your lips are water and tender from the inside out.
  Pay attention to protect your lips: when A wipes his mouth, don’t rub it hard with toilet paper, just press lightly to avoid scratching his lips.

  BIf you often apply lip makeup, you can rub lip care products before applying lip makeup to enhance the hydration of lips.

  C. You can choose a sunscreen for your lips. Apply the sunscreen for your lips half an hour before going out. After you go out, it is recommended to apply it every two hours to maintain sun protection.

  D Use a non-alcoholic, mild rot special makeup remover to avoid lip irritation caused by excessive cleansing force and lip oil.

  E Avoid licking your lips constantly with your tongue, but it will cause your mouth to become drier due to the evaporation of water.

  F Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and ensure adequate sleep. Avoid irritating foods such as spicy food when your lips are dry and cracked.

  The choice of G toothpaste is also important. When we brush our teeth, the toothpaste will directly contact our lip skin.

If people with sensitive lips or wounds do not alternately foam, the ingredients of this toothpaste will not irritate the skin of the lips.

  Colibri Pure Repair Lip Balm 400 yuan / 4 grams of high-performance repair balm is added to effectively improve the troubles of dry and cracked lips, promote blood circulation, and make the lips reproduce the natural color.

It can also be used before applying lipstick to give full care to young lips.

Features: 1.

Vitamin A acetate, TC complex effectively improves straight lines on lips.


а-Orange peel clears the contours of the lips and improves the appearance of halo on the lips.


Licorice extract improves even lip color and dullness.


Super bio-hyaluronic acid can fully moisturize the lip skin and improve the troubles such as chapped lips and peeling caused by dryness.


The vitamin E sensor effectively suppresses the generation of peroxidation and prevents the lips from being distorted.


Moderate fit, excellent ductility, smooth and non-sticky after use.

  Bloom balm lip balm 140 yuan moisturizes your lips, prevents chapped, and has a lot of fragrance and can last a day!


Luscious Lips-Vanilla 2.

Sweet lips-sweet tangerine 3.

Refreshing Lips-Dutch Mint 4.

Kissable Lips-Lyme 5.
Cooling Lips-Mint 6.
Delicious Lip-Pomelo Sun Moon Crystal Zeman Color Starlight Lip Balm 210 yuan / 1 stick melts like a cream on the lips.

It is characterized by mild color and soft texture.

  Clarins Moisturizing Lip Balm 160 Yuan / 15ml Powerful repair for the whole family.

When exposed to cold weather, sun, and dust, lips become weak and dry.

Clarins Moisturizing Lip Balm is enriched with a variety of natural special plant extracts to repair, smooth and protect lips.

Instantly nourishes lips.

Use in the morning and evening or anytime of the day when your lips feel uncomfortable.

The slanted top design and creamy grease make it easier to use.

  Aiduza full-time lip protection combination 188 yuan / 2.

5 grams + 5.

8g has a refreshing use of mint moisture.

Daily lip balm can protect the lips from ultraviolet rays during the day, and keep it fully moisturized, so that the lipstick is evenly colored; night lip balm can continue to be rich and moisturizing, and prevent dry lips from peeling.

Daily use: Apply an appropriate amount to lips with fingertips.

Before applying lipstick, apply a small amount of lip cream evenly.

(If you apply too much, it will affect the color and makeup of the lipstick.) Night use: Apply an appropriate amount to your lips with your fingertips.