Four-style yoga spike aunt: open legs down

Four-style yoga spike aunt: open legs down

If you think that practicing yoga will not burn adults, then you are very wrong. Below, we have the tara stiles of the New York Stella Yoga Club to turn your body into a burning aunt machine.

4 kinds of yoga moves spike your aunt to make you slim to do exercises less than 4 times a week, first practice from the right, then switch to the left, each movement must last 5-10 breaths.

Then do it again, hold 1 breath for each posture, repeat 6 actions, and finally return to 5-10 breath times for each action, then change sides, change a total of 3 times.


The action of kicking your legs forward obliquely downwards is the starting position, then slowly raise your hips, and then slowly change to an obliquely downward position with your legs straight and your heels on the ground.

Then slowly lift your right leg, but be sure to keep your left heel on the ground.


Restore the half-bow position to an oblique downward position, then slowly lower your right leg, move it to your chest, and make a half-bow position, but be sure to keep your center of gravity and do not let your body forward.For more difficulty, insert your shoulders in front of your wrists, bend your elbows, and try to raise your left foot into the air.


Bend your knees forward and return to an inclined downward position, slowly raise your right leg to your stomach, forward this place, and then bring your forehead close to alignment, keep the center of gravity of your left toe, and let your chinClose to the chest and extend the front as much as possible.


Return to the oblique downward position in combat mode, keeping your right foot in the middle of your tibia, then slowly raise your two arms, focus on the right foot, and slowly raise your left leg backGet up, at the same time, until your right leg is level with the ground.

Straighten your arms forward as much as possible, with the toes of your left foot down.