Massage method for treating child myopia

Massage method for treating child myopia

Myopia is a common ophthalmic disease with poor long-sightedness. It is mostly caused by improper use of vision in adolescence.

For example, when reading a book, the light is too dark, the distance is too close, or the vision does not recover after the disease, using the eye excessively, or reading while lying down, reading while walking, sitting in the car in front of the book, etc. In addition, the disease has a certain degree of heredity.
Modern medicine generally divides the disease into two types, pseudomyopia and true myopia.

Pseudo myopia is caused by the dysregulation of the eyes. It is more common in school-age children. True myopia, also called axial myopia, is a phenomenon in which the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball is longer than that of the normal eye.

False myopia can also form true myopia if it is not continuously corrected.

Traditional Chinese medicine calls this disease “can be near and distant,” and believes that it is mainly due to weak congenital endowment, insufficient liver and kidney essence and blood, and the inability to keep the eye Guanghua.

The common symptoms are blurred vision in myopia and clear myopia, but symptoms such as eye swelling, head pain, and visual fatigue can also occur when myopia is too long, and those with high myopia enlarge and protrude.

Massage method: 1.

Common methods (1) The child lies on his back, and the parents push the thumbs from both sides of the eyebrow to the temple with the thumbs of both hands from the temple to the temple. Repeat the operation 1?
3 minutes.

(2) The recipient is lying on his back, and the parents use both thumbs to gently wipe from the inner corner of the eye to the temple through the lower eye socket, and repeat the operation for 10?
20 times.

(3) Press the sun, bamboo, eyes, fish waist, four white points, each point for 1 minute.

(4) Press rubbing Fengchi acupoint 10?
20 times.

(5) In the prone position of the child, the parents rub the Xinshu, Ganshu and Shenshu points with their thumbs for 1 minute each.


With the addition and subtraction of the card (1) dry eyes, orbital pain, commonly used methods plus ① press the kidney Shu, liver Yu to 2 minutes.

② Press the ribs of Baihui Point.

③ (1) in common practice should be operated for more than 3 minutes.

④ The kidney meridian and the liver meridian are each 300 times.

(2) For those with poor constitution and weak spleen and stomach, commonly use manipulative methods plus ① press and massage spleen and acupoints for 1 minute each.

② Mozhong won 20 times.

③ Press and massage Sanyinjiao for 1 minute.