[How to make pocket cakes]_Homemade recipes for pocket cakes_A recipe for pocket cakes_How to make pocket cakes

[How to make pocket cakes]_Homemade recipes for pocket cakes_A recipe for pocket cakes_How to make pocket cakes

Going out to eat every day, the actual stalls are not necessarily clean, and it is easy to get tired.

In fact, I can learn to cook, I will introduce pocket cakes to you, you can make them yourself according to the following steps.


Add the flour to the pot, slowly pour in boiling water, and stir the flour into a floc with chopsticks while pouring 2.

121 Divide the dough into several portions and decide the size of the cake according to your preference3.

212 Then aim at the cold water, and mix the hot noodles into dough (the dough will stick and knead if it has temperature, it does not matter, you can leave it for a while or put it in the refrigerator for a while and knead it to make it smooth)Hang on (meaning to stand) 20 minutes 4.

Take one of them and knead them into a squid, flatten them, and roll them into square slices. When rolling, roll them from the center to the four corners to make them square. Then use a knife to trim the edges that are too uneven. BasicallyJust repair it a little 5.

Use a brush or hand to apply edible oil to the pasta. Leave a 1 cm width around the pasta without oil. 6

Sprinkle peppercorn powder (or sesame powder, black pepper powder, etc., or nothing) 7 on the oiled area.

Fold the dough in half, and then press the three edges with your fingers. If you want to put a lot of meat and vegetables in the pocket cake and you are afraid to stretch the edges of the cake, lock the edges of the cake with lace, so no matter how manyWill be out of edge 8.

Put it in the pot (without putting oil in the pot) and heat it to two faces, and bulge high in the middle.

Put the baked cake in the case and cut it from the middle to become 2 pocket cakes. After cutting, the place may be stuck because of your unpleasant knife. It doesn’t matter. Insert it with a knife tip or chopstick head and flatThe plan is 10.

You can put your favorite meat or vegetables in the prepared pocket cake. I put fried chicken chops, tomatoes, lettuce, and the remaining egg liquid in the fried chicken chops. I also put the fried egg skins in. I ‘m here.The Thai sweet and spicy sauce is poured on the top. After reading the relevant introduction of the pocket cake, you should already be on your chest at this time.

But practice can tell the truth, so I believe you will act soon.

When you taste the delicious food you make, you must be very happy and excited.