Chrysanthemum brain

Chrysanthemum brain

Chrysanthemum brain, or chrysanthemum lang, is a close relative of the wild chrysanthemum cultivated in the compositae.

Vegetables and vegetables are grown in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Local residents plant them in front of their houses. They take roots in winter and pick up their tender seedlings in spring.

The effect is similar to that of wild chrysanthemum.

  It is sweet, cool and non-toxic.

  Contains protein, sugars, trace amounts, vitamins B1, C, flavonoids, and volatile oils.

  Function to clear heat and cool blood, adjust the appetizer.

This product can also lower blood pressure, clear heat and detoxify.

Suitable for stomach heat upset, constipation, mouth pain, headache and red eyes.

  [皮肤病,化脓性炎症]  菊花脑全草或花,煮浓汁洗涤或涂布患处,一日2至3次。  [热疖,扉子,疱疹]  用全草或花煎汤内服,并将渣捣烂湿敷患处。  [脚湿气,掻养、湿烂或化脓]  用花或全草煮汤洗涤患处,2次。  [高血压,头痛、目赤、心烦、口苦]  鲜嫩苗煮食,或全草及花煮汤喝,剂量不拘。  [妇女子宫颈糜烂]  用黄菊花即野菊花(菊花脑之花亦同样有效),流浸膏涂擦患部,其治愈率为84.9%, the benefit is indeed higher than red mercury, and non-toxic.